[GUIDE]Kernel Porting Tutorial

What u need

windows or linux
ROM (that u wanna port to ace )
Dev Tools (like pack/unpack boot.img)

What u need to do??
unpack your boot.img
Change file on ramdisk
init.rc need to change >> (unpack the boot img from rom u wanna port
open init.rc and copy the stuff after BOOTPATH
change ramdisk/lib/modules >>> your modules ( not really importatnt :P )
repack ramdisk boot.img
change model to your model (For example: xperia x8 > GT-S5830, and galaxy > cooper)
And, wifi modules has taken to your ROM (port)
and,cope paste bin files, like superuser or busybox
then add/replace these in the rom it self ( copy from stock or cm7 )
These are Always needed !!
/system/etc/firmware , ppp, security, wifi, permission vold.stab
/system/user/keychars, keylayout
Download More Detailed Guide HERE!

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