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Hi Everybody,
Are you tired of installing same apps again and again after installing new Rom or factory resetting current Rom?
Well, We have been experiencing the same since different Roms and Nightlies are out. Hence I and RajatPatel created a tool which would make it easier for you to try different Roms and install those apps/fonts/bootanimations/etc in just one shot.
★ What is this tool about?
Android Flashable Zip Creator is a tool for those who oftenly flash new roms and want an easy way to install apps, change fonts or bootanimation. This tool allows them to create a flashable zip with aroma installer that they can flash anytime in their rooted android device. Not only this is helpful to end users but also helpful for developers who release different version of their Apps, Tones, Fonts and Bootanimations
★ Why is it required?
Imagine that you’re flashing the latest nightly of your favorite ROM. If you are performing a fresh install by wiping all of your data, this also means that you have to flash all of your modified system apps, user apps, modules, and so on. And if you’re doing this on a regular basis, all the wasted time really starts to add up. So what do you do? Do you manually install these apps again, or do you add them to your favorite ROM? That is where this tool is helpful.
★ How is it helpful?
For you to create a flashable zip, you need knowledge of scripting language (edify).
Once you know it, you need to write it and update it everytime you make a change (add or remove files from zip).
It is very likely that we make mistakes (like missing semi-colon or forget closing the bracket) and fail to notice it while creating it.
We come to know about it only when we try to flash the zip file and experience an error in recovery.
To fix it, we again make changes in updater-script and test the zip again.
After spending hours and hours into creating a zip file, a new version of file releases and we are forced to make changes in zip to stay up to date.
All this time, if number of apps, fonts, rest of the files increases, the lines of code required in updater-script also increases.
To save your hours of time into creating zip file, we present you this tool which would just needs your few minutes to create a flashable zip file.
This tool
Lets you import the apks, fonts files, bootanimation zips, ringtones, etc
Creates a zip file at your desired location
Allows you to import the already created file so that you could just make the required modifications and create a new zip
Comes with drag and drop functionality to save your time in manually setting up the structure
Supports latest aroma binary version available
Supports all the Android versions till Nougat
Supports all the devices by reading update-binary from root directory if device is not present in supported devices list (this step will get eliminated soon in next big release)
Can be used by noobs too
Requires minimum knowledge about aroma config and updater-script
Allows you to choose your devices' compatilble aroma binary
Allows you to choose your favourite aroma themes
Has various options in Preferences for user to make change in behavior of tool
etc :P
Suggestions to make changes and making Feature requests are welcomed. Feel free to suggest anything
★ Disclaimer
If you're going to test this app, make sure you have a nandroid backup handy.
We won't be held responsible for any damage done to anything whatsoever. You use this tool at your own risk.

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